The Role Of Domestic Violence In Divorce


Divorce, under any circumstance, is a tough decision to make. For those deciding to end their marriage because of domestic violence, it is especially difficult.

If you’ve recently decided to divorce because of persisting physical, mental or emotional abuse by your spouse, you will need to consider several key factors to safely exit your marriage.


The fear that filing for a divorce will ignite more anger from your spouse is entirely normal and common. It requires courage to pursue a divorce. To safely carry out your decision, you may need the help of law enforcement.

In the State of Missouri during the divorce proceeding, there are various forms of restraining orders. You can request a temporary restraining order to protect yourself or to protect property.

For individuals concerned about the property and other valuables, you can request a temporary restraining order restraining your spouse from transferring, concealing or disposing of property except in the usual course of business or for the necessities of life.

A restraining order can also be requested for domestic violence. In this form of an order, you may request the court for an order that the abusive spouse be excluded from the home. You can also request the court to enjoin your spouse from harassing, abusing or disturbing your peace.


The issue of child custody becomes more complex in light of domestic violence allegations. During the divorce, you can request the court to enter appropriate temporary custody orders that may help protect the children.


To find the best solution for your family and yourself, you will need the help of an experienced St. Louis Divorce Attorney. With over 30 years of experience as a compassionate and diligent attorney, Jay G. Galmiche will work hard to represent you in your case. Call the Galmiche Law Firm today for a free initial consultation.

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