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Post-Judgment Enforcement

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Winning your case in court is only half the battle. Now you have to make sure that the other party honors the judgment. For various reasons, it is not an uncommon occurrence that the winning side of a lawsuit will have trouble with noncooperation on the part of the other parties involved. As a result of this, you will need an attorney experienced with the enforcement of judgments.

At the St. Louis office of the Galmiche Law Firm, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to pursue the enforcement of your agreements and judgments. Some of the areas in which we can help you with the enforcement of your judgment include:

  • Enforcement of physical custody of children
  • Enforcement of joint legal custody decision-making rights regarding children
  • Enforcement of payment of child support
  • Enforcement of payment of maintenance
  • Enforcement of payment of money to you
  • Enforcement of payment of debts
  • Enforcement in the sale of real property
  • Enforcement in the division of property
  • Various other adjudicated legal issues

Do you need legal enforcement of one of the above judgments? Contact our trusted Chesterfield divorce lawyer today to request a free consultation.

Contempt Orders

Failure to abide by and honor the terms of a court judgment set forth by a judge in the legal system may result in the violator being held in contempt by the court. For some court orders, such as child support, this may potentially result in jail time unless and until the violator complies with the court order.

By filing a motion to hold the violator in contempt of court, it may result in the violator complying with the judgment and possibly preventing the failure to comply with the judgment from becoming more serious.

Financial Collection

In matters that involve non-payment of child support or maintenance, a party may file with the court an income withholding that is sent to the non-payor’s employer to withhold money from the non-payor’s wages. In some circumstances for the collection of a judgment for a party to pay money, a party may file a request for a seizure order against the non-payor’s personal property. The court systems have dealt with recalcitrant debtors for many years and have established procedures for you to pursue collection of the payments you are to receive and that you deserve pursuant to the judgment.

Post-Judgment Enforcement

When attempting to enforce a judgment against a problematic opposing party, seeking the assistance of an experienced law firm is essential. At the Galmiche Law Firm, we have for over 30 years enforced judgments for our clients.

It is possible to have the last word in these matters. Call our firm at (636) 552-4841 to discuss your options.

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