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While both parents are expected to the share the financial burden of raising their child, the parent that does not have physical custody will be ordered to submit child support payments to their co-parent. Child support can be a significant determination in a divorce or for unmarried parents who are looking to establish a viable financial arrangement. It is critical that these parents seek knowledgeable, vigilant counsel when approaching child support matters and ensure that the court is made aware of any factors that could impact child support payments.

At Galmiche Law Firm, P.C., we well-versed in how the state of Missouri assesses and determines child support. In these cases, our award-winning Chesterfield child support lawyer is ready to listen to your concerns and ensure that the court is thoroughly informed of any factors that should be addressed before handing down a child support determination.

You do not have to approach this process without a proven legal advocate on your side. Contact Galmiche Law Firm, P.C. for a free, in-person consultation with child support lawyer in Missouri.

How Does Custody Affect Child Support in Missouri?

Parents who are not granted physical custody will be ordered to pay child support until the child reaches 18 years of age (or longer, depending if the child enters higher education). The court uses a formula called Form 14 to assess the finances of the parents and calculate an appropriate amount of child support.

Form 14 assesses:

  • Monthly gross income
  • The number of children
  • Any other child support orders
  • Health insurance
  • Uninsured medical costs (if any)
  • Work-related child care costs
  • Court-ordered spousal maintenance (if any)
  • Any other child-related costs relevant to the family

It's an important to note that a judge does have the authority to alter a Form 14 calculation. That is why—if there are factors in your family's lives that you feel should impact child support—it is important to thoroughly articulate them before the court. At our firm, we have done this time and time again so that the judge has all the information they need to make the fairest determination possible.

Modifying or Terminating Child Support

Child support orders are meant to sustain a family for the foreseeable future, but they are not set in stone. If there is a dramatic change in a family or parent's circumstances, they can re-approach the court to seek a modification of child support—or ask that it be terminated altogether.

Grounds for child support modification or termination can include:

  • Remarriage
  • Death of a parent
  • Child becomes self-supporting
  • Dramatic change in the health of a parent or child
  • Dramatic change in income for a parent

If you are looking to modify a child support order, our child support attorneys are ready to help you. We can help assess your circumstances and, if necessary, substantiate your petition for an adjustment or termination of the child support order.

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If you need to make sure a child support order is enforced, need to help with calculating the amount of support to be paid, or need to modify a support order, get the help of a child support lawyer in Missouri. Galmiche Law Firm, P.C. has helped families in the St. Louis area for more than 34 years and are ready to answer any questions you might have about child support.

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