How to Co-Parent During the COVID-19 Crisis


Co-parenting under even the most normal and mundane circumstances can be difficult, so if you are encountering some challenges during the COVID-19 crisis, you should know that you are not alone. Even if you and your former spouse have a healthy co-parenting relationship, raising your children and following your child custody order in the midst of a global pandemic can present some serious obstacles you never expected to face. To help you during this difficult time, we compiled some tips that can help you co-parent during this terrible outbreak.

Co-Parenting Your Way Through a Pandemic

No parent ever expects to endure the situation we are all in now. Not only is this brand-new territory for parents, but it is also creating some unprecedented issues for the legal community to tackle. However, you must still comply with your child custody order. If for some reason you cannot comply with it, such as a change in schedules now that children are home from school and some parents may still be out in the workforce as essential employees, you must discuss the matter with your co-parent and, if necessary, take the issue to court.

Here are some tips that will provide guidance during this time:

  • Be flexible: Everyone is overwhelmed and stressed out right now. More and more people are losing their jobs, stay-at-home orders across the country are being extended, and there is no concrete end in sight. Do not add to each other’s frustrations by sweating the small things. Instead, try to be flexible, and work with each other on making this easier rather than harder. Learning how to overcome this crisis together will even help you in the future once a sense of normalcy resumes.
  • Be open to agreeing to temporarily forgiving a portion of past due child support: You are likely aware of the widespread job loss, so consider showing some compassion for your former spouse by agreeing to forgive a portion of past due child support until your former spouse can either return to work or find a new job.
  • Avoid sending the angry text: This is undoubtedly an emotional time and your fuse might be a little shorter than usual, but you should still refrain from sending an angry text to your ex-spouse. Consider the consequences of how you communicate and what your former spouse may be going through. It is not an easy time for anyone.
  • Be flexible to temporary changes to child custody times: The pandemic may require some temporary changes during the pandemic as to the days and/or times each party is to have custody of your child. Be flexible as to temporary custody changes that are in your child’s best interest.
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