Checklist to Help You Decide: Is It Time to Separate?


Only you can ultimately decide if divorce is the right choice for you. However, making this decision is anything but easy. You are probably concerned about giving up too quickly or not working hard enough and these are, of course, valid fears. That said, no one should remain in an unhappy or irreparable marriage. To provide some guidance as you ponder this life-altering decision, we compiled a checklist to help you examine your situation, so you can take the best possible course of action moving forward.

Knowing When to Call it Quits

Change is difficult for most of us and, given the numerous changes that inevitably come with divorce, it is no wonder why people handle this decision with trepidation. You want to make sure you do not choose the wrong path.

Here are some signs you should consider, which will help you reach a conclusion on this matter:

  1. You believe you are better on your own: You might not be in the honeymoon phase of your relationship forever, but if you are starting to think that you would be better off on your own entirely, this is a strong indication that it might be time to consider a divorce.
  1. Your spouse does not meet your needs: If your emotional, spiritual, and physical needs are not being met, or you feel like the relationship is one-sided, these are all signs of an unhealthy marriage. It will also undoubtedly leave you feeling unsatisfied and unhappy.
  1. You are keeping the marriage together for your children: One of the most common reasons why unhappy spouses remain together is for the benefit of their children. Unfortunately, you are not doing them any favors by keeping the marriage intact. Children have keen senses and even though they might not know exactly what is wrong, they will feel the tension between you and your spouse. Moreover, they will have a flawed idea of what they think a healthy marriage looks like.
  1. You do not respect or trust your spouse: Without trust or respect, it is impossible to have a healthy marriage. If you are already at a stage where these essential elements are missing, it is time to consider a divorce.
  1. You are worried about what others will think: Divorce does not have quite the same stigma it used to have, but many often still worry about the opinions of others. Maybe you are afraid of looking like a failure or you think your friends and family will judge you. Whatever your fears might be, this cannot be the glue that holds your marriage together.
  1. You were unfaithful to your spouse: An affair is about far more than physical intimacy. If you had an affair, it probably began with emotionally charged texts and escalated from there. For many, it is a point of no return.

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