Are There Rules for How to Spend Child Support?

child support

For divorced parents, child support is often a major point of contention. Some parents may feel that they are not receiving enough while others believe they are being taken advantage of and paying too much. In some cases, a parent may want to see precisely how child support payments are being spent. However, the court generally does not require parents to provide documentation regarding how child support payments are being spent, except possibly in cases where neglect is suspected.

Spending Child Support Payments

As a general rule, the custodial parent has the right to spend child support payments in a manner that supports the children’s best interests. That said, despite the discretion a custodial parent has, child support payments must be spent in a manner that is appropriate and responsible.

Below are some examples of what child support payments should be spent on:

  • The basic necessities of the children, including shelter, food, and clothing
  • Medical care, including general health, dental, and eye care
  • Child care expenses, such as daycare
  • School tuition and other education-related expenses
  • Transportation costs, including maintenance and gas
  • Entertainment, such as the internet, movies, games, television, and other fun events
  • Summer camp and other extracurricular activities
  • In some cases, college-related costs

If a parent is misusing funds and the needs of the child are not being provided for, then the noncustodial parent may be able to proceed with a modification of the child support orderand/or child custody order. Additionally, when seeking a modification, the parent seeking the modification may be required to prove to the court a substantial and continuing change in circumstances.

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