How Is Child Support Calculated in Missouri in 2023?

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Each case and family is unique, and every person’s child support payment can differ. This article will discuss what the court considers when determining child support amounts and how support is calculated.

Calculating Child Support Payments in Missouri

Child support is calculated in Missouri using Form No. 14 Child Support Amount Calculation Worksheet.

Both parents must complete the form and enter information concerning the following:

  • Their income (which includes tips, commission, and other streams of income and not just their salary)
  • Other child support or alimony payments are being made
  • Payments made for their child currently
  • Each parent’s custodial responsibilities (by percentage)
  • Expenses related to their child’s needs (i.e., healthcare expenses, special education, etc.)

As you complete the form and input the information, you will also perform calculations like combining each parent’s total monthly gross income and dividing each party’s income by their combined gross income (to determine your proportionate share of the combined income).

As you complete the form and the included calculations, you will discover the presumed child support amount.

The payment amount that Form No. 14 yields is simply a guideline, and the court may adjust a calculated amount as they see fit if the amount is considered unfair or inappropriate.

In cases where a parent tries to avoid paying support by choosing to be unemployed or lower their income, the court can impute income to the payee, which means that they may assign you an income (based on your education and employment history) to calculate the support owed.

You should consult a qualified child support attorney for help completing Form No. 14. They have more experience. They can help ensure you accurately complete the information and understand the presumed support payment.

How Are Child Support Payments Made?

Once the child support orders are established, the custodial parent can receive payments in a variety of ways, such as:

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