Divorce With Children: Key Considerations

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“How are we going to tell the kids?”

If you’re considering divorce, you’ve likely found yourself asking this question. It’s just the first of many questions and issues that will need to be addressed when dealing with divorce.

Your spouse and you will have to consider several other factors as you proceed to dissolve your marriage as peacefully as possible.

Though you may be feeling that you have negatively impacted your family, be assured that there are proactive steps you can take to make this transition amicable.

Here is what you should consider.


How will your spouse and you split time with the children? This question should be considered prior to meeting with divorce lawyers if possible. Keeping the best interest of your children in mind, it’s better to approach the separation with this foundation set. You must tackle certain scenarios early on, such as holidays, summer breaks, and living arrangements. Depending on the age of your children and their needs, the best course of action to take can vary. Are your children older? If so, they may have a harder time coping as they are used to living with both parents. Some parents may prefer joint custody as it allows the children to spend equal time between them, reinforcing the bond and stability they enjoyed prior to the divorce.

To avoid the emotional stress that often plagues children when their parents are battling over them in court, you can spare your children by committing to find a peaceful resolution. As long as both parents remain flexible and devoted to the best interest of their children, this can be accomplished. Some parents prefer to seek the help of a divorce attorney to prevent emotions from being the guide in their decision making process. Considering this, we advise you to seek the counsel of an experienced and reputable St. Louis Divorce Attorney.

Life Changes
One common concern of parents is the disruption of their children’s routines. This is natural but it’s also inevitable. At this time, parents should be particularly sensitive and work together diligently to provide stability in as many areas as possible. By effectively coordinating, parents can keep their children’s anxiety about the divorce to a minimum. If possible, keep your children in the same school activities and schedules that they’ve become accustomed.

Financial Implications

Divorcing with children naturally raises the question of whether child support payments should be arranged. It’s not unusual for children to live with one parent for the majority of the time, in order to remain in their current school and maintain an established routine. Because of this, that parent may request child support as they are now the primary caregiver with a reduced income. In certain cases that parent will need substantial support in order to continue caring for the children. Courts will consider the welfare of the children, prioritizing the ability to retain a similar quality of life post-divorce. If both parents are each splitting substantial physical time with the children equally, it may yield different results.

The main item to keep in mind is that if you’ve done all you can to salvage your marriage and determined that it won’t work out, it is no good for your children or you for you to remain in an unhealthy union. Undoubtedly divorce will have it’s effects on your children. However, a tumultuous household where your children don’t receive the very best from either parent is not a better alternative. By working together, your spouse and you can create happy, though separate, homes for your children.

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