What Happens When You Refuse to Answer Divorce Papers?

The reality is that divorce is not always a mutual decision.

Sometimes one spouse tends to drag their feet in the divorce proceeding.

In the event this happens, you’d share a concern many have experienced before.

Typically in Missouri, the petitioner (the person filing for divorce) will not be denied a divorce in the event the other party (also called the respondent) does not file an answer to the petition.

When served with divorce papers, the receiving spouse has a specified number of days to properly file with the court an answer to the petition. The petition often outlines details such as custody requests, alimony or maintenance demands, and other items. In the event an answer to the petition is not timely filed with the court, then the court may continue the divorce process as a default judgment without the respondent’s participation.

The responding spouse can be at a very serious disadvantage in divorce proceedings in the event they do not timely file an answer to the divorce petition.

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