Frequently Asked Questions About Summer Visitation

If this is your first summer as a divorced parent, you probably have some questions and concerns about how you will be fielding your way through the summer break with this new dynamic. You are not alone when it comes to not knowing what to expect at this time, which is why we put together some of the most frequently asked questions regarding summer visitation.

Take a moment to read these answers, so you can have some clarity on this very confusing and emotional time. The more you learn, the better you will be able to avoid any unnecessary conflict that can harm you and your children.

Summer Visitation: FAQ

The warm summer months are here and that means your children are probably enjoying a break from school. However, that means your parenting schedule will also likely change at this time.

  1. When does the summer visitation schedule begin? Your divorce decree and parenting plan should have this explicitly planned out. Therefore make sure you review your parenting plan if you are in doubt of when the new visitation schedule begins. You probably had a lot on your plate when hashing out all the details of your divorce decree, so if you cannot remember the specifics, review your parenting plan again to make sure you know the first and last day of the summer visitation schedule.
  1. Who chooses the vacation dates? Your visitation schedule should also state how vacation dates are chosen. Perhaps you alternate every other year or one parent gets odd-numbered years and the other gets even. It is crucial for both parents to respect the visitation plan to avoid conflict. However, it does not hurt for either parent to be flexible when necessary if something unexpected should arise.
  1. Can I sign my child up for a summer camp even if it interferes with my ex’s parenting time? Some summer activities might span across the other parent’s visitation time, which can cause some problems. If you want to avoid these issues, you and your co-parent might want to add a provision in your parenting plan, stating that neither parent is allowed to plan an activity that will interfere with parenting time without the consent of the other. Otherwise, you might end up back in court again over it.
  1. Travel with my kids? You should provide your co-parent with an itinerary of your vacation, including the location, dates, and a number where they can reach you or their children in the event of an emergency. Knowing where the kids are at all times will ease everyone’s anxieties.
  1. What if my ex will not respect the summer visitation schedule? If your co-parent is not adhering to the summer visitation schedule, you can file a motion to enforce your divorce decree. At the enforcement hearing, the court may award you days to make up for lost parenting time, reaffirm the parenting schedule, and even may order your former spouse to reimburse you for a portion of the attorney fees you paid.

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