How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce

Getting a divorce is rarely ever an emotionally easy experience, especially if you have children. Having a discussion with them about your divorce and how it might impact their lives is a difficult, but crucial conversation that will have a profound impact on them, so it is important to do it right. For many parents, this will be one of the most difficult discussions they will ever have with their children and some are unsure of where to even begin. We have some advice to help get you through it.

Here are some tips that will help you field your way through this delicate topic with your children:

  • Choose the right time: It might feel like there is never a right time to have this difficult conversation with your children and there will probably never be a time when it will not seem like a tough task, but there is a better time to do it. Try to plan this conversation before the weekend, so your children have time to process the information and think of follow-up questions. If you tell them before bedtime or as you are dropping them off for school in the morning, you are robbing them of an opportunity to fully cope with this news. As a result, they might act out at school and feel frustrated or upset.
  • Focus on certain messages: When speaking to your children about your impending divorce, there are some key points and messages you should try to hit. Let them know that you and your spouse will both continue to love them even though the two of you will no longer live together. Your children will continue to be the most precious things in your life, so reassure them nothing will ever change that. One key point you should absolutely not forget to include is that the divorce was an adult decision and nothing they did or could have done would have changed the outcome.
  • Help them feel safe: Your children are going to feel a little uneasy about the coming changes that will ensue as a result of your divorce, so let them know you will always keep them safe, even in the midst of these changes. If you know certain details, such as how often they will be able to see you and their other parent, or who will move out of the family home, let them know. Providing some clarity on what to expect will help them feel less anxious about the future.

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