How to Find Money Your Spouse Has Hidden in a Divorce

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Divorce can get messy and, in some cases, spouses may try to hide assets to avoid having to divide them during the process of ending their marriage. If your spouse is attempting to hide assets from you, you are not without options. The discovery process of a divorce is an effective legal tool that allows spouses to find money and other assets a spouse may have hid away. Continue reading to learn more.

Discovering Hidden Assets

When it comes to dividing assets, the first step is to account for all assets and determine which are separate, which are marital, and which are comingled. Even if you do not have rights to your spouse’s separate property, understanding the value of all the assets you have between the two of you is essential.

Unfortunately, it is common for one spouse to handle the household’s finances throughout the marriage. If your spouse was in charge of financial matters, you may know very little in regards to what you have and what you owe as a couple. Your first option is to ask your spouse for copies of all pertinent financial records. If your spouse refuses or if you believe certain documents are being withheld, chances are that your spouse is hiding assets.

If your spouse fails to provide all the financial information you need for your divorce, your divorce will likely go through the discovery process, which can potentially take several months. During this time, your attorney may perform various discovery options including but not limited to the following: subpoena business records; issue interrogatories for your spouse to answer; make requests for admissions; make requests for production of documents; take deposition of a person not a party to the proceeding; take the deposition of your spouse; and/or allow you to inspect the property you own. An oral deposition of, your spouse will provide testimony under oath.

Hiring an attorney to guide and represent you throughout this process is crucial. If you did not handle your household’s finances, it can be difficult to know what questions to ask and what to look for. However, an experienced attorney will know exactly what to look for and how to discover any hidden assets.

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