How to Navigate an Emotionally Charged Divorce

Emotional Divorce

How to Navigate an Emotionally Charged Divorce

Divorce is a major life-altering event and a lot of feelings can arise during the process. You may feel anger, fear, sadness, guilt, hurt, or a combination of these emotions as you navigate this difficult experience. How well you manage your emotions will make a difference in whether your split turns ugly or remains relatively amicable.

Getting Through an Emotional Divorce

You will not be able to cope with your feelings if you cannot admit they exist in the first place, so awareness is key to navigating a particularly emotional divorce. Try to identify what you are feeling and develop healthy coping mechanisms to address them. You should also be wary of unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as excessive alcohol consumption, overspending, a shorter temper, and withdrawal.

The following tips can help you soothe your emotional wounds:

  • Stay active by exercising, dancing, or stretching.
  • Stimulate your senses by listening to music, tasting new flavors, exploring nature, or getting a massage.
  • Take up a new hobby, write in a journal, or confide in a friend or mental health professional.

During the divorce process, negative thoughts have a way of altering our perceptions. Challenge these thoughts by distinguishing what is under your control and what is out of your control. It is okay to let go and stop fighting against what you cannot change.

Instead of indulging in negative thinking, consider the following positive thoughts:

  • Remind yourself of your strengths.
  • Think of other difficult events you survived and moved past.
  • Keep in mind that these feelings and negative thoughts will not last forever.
  • Remember that you have experienced pain before and that it is sometimes a natural part of life.

Lastly, do not forget all that you have to be grateful for in your life. You may have family, children, friends, passions, or a career that you cherish, so take inventory of it all as you move toward this new chapter in your life.

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